Kepler Calling

Eight Weeks to Kepler-Week 1: Sunday October 16, 2010 Back home and it is time to knuckle down and get back into the routine of regular runs with the aim of regaining fitness… Continue reading

More Lazy Hazy Days

Lady Musgrave Island Sept 25-Oct 8, 2010 Travelling in different countries and experiencing new landscapes is great for sharpening your perceptions of what defines home – that which ought to be familiar. Except… Continue reading

Heading Home

From Hollywood to Warriewood Sept 22-23, 2010 So it is time to return home. We found downtown Los Angeles and Beverly Hills a bit tawdry. Maybe it was tiredness or maybe the smog… Continue reading

From the Desert to the Sea

Long Beach Sept 18-21, 2010 All thing must come to an end and so it is with our grand vacation. We took two days to cover over 500 miles from the Grand Canyon… Continue reading

Grand Canyon Hike

Grand Canyon National Park, Sept 12-17, 2010 WOW was all I could think of as we stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon. Although I have seen pictures of it and thought… Continue reading

Bright Lights

Las Vegas Sept 11,2010 A day in Vegas – what a contrast. It is everything we thought it would be, just bigger. But surprisingly surrounded by mountains and a huge military complex to… Continue reading

Rocks, Sand, Salt and Sun

Death Valley National Park Sept 9-10, 2010 We have not yet tired of the beauty of this magnificent landscape. The stark changes as we drove south from Sequioa, over the farms and ranches… Continue reading

Southwest Sierras

Kings Canyon and Sequioa National Parks Sept 7- 8, 2010 A mournful wailing broke the silence of the quite of dawn on the first night we were camped in the high mountains that… Continue reading

A Runners Paradise

Mammoth Lakes, Sept 6, 2010 With chest colds and flu we arrived in Mammoth Lakes. A fabulous ski area in winter and, as we discovered later, an altitude training ground for Americas top… Continue reading

The heart of Sierra Nevada

Yosemite National Park Sept 3-5, 2010 A little bit of bad planning saw us arriving at Yosemite during the Labour Day long weekend – it seems that most of California was on the… Continue reading

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