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The Lands End

Camino: Day 28  – Tuesday May 5, 2009 Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre (Bus – 100km) Some people walk the last 100km to reach the ocean at Cape Finisterre – that was never part… Continue reading

Camino de Santiago

Camino: Day 27 – Monday May 4, 2009 San Carlos to Santiago ( Walk – 5km) It was only a short stroll in the morning to the Cathedral in Santiago and my Camino De… Continue reading

Six Foot Track to Santiago

Camino: Day 26 – Sunday May 3, 2009 Melida to San Carlos (Walk – 48km) Another fantastic summery day with cool start in the morning and heat during the daytime as I set off… Continue reading

Sunshine to Melida

Camino: Day 25 – Saturday May 2, 2009 Gonzar to Melide (Walk – 32km) I left early as I found it impossible to sleep. My bunk was located between a snorer who also racked… Continue reading

Cows of Gonzar

Camino: Day 24 – Friday May 1, 2009 Sarria to Gonzar (Walk – 30km) I left Sarria just just before sunrise. I was pleased to be able to walk as I was not sure… Continue reading

Rain to Sarria

Camino: Day 23 – Thursday April 30, 2009 Triacastela to Sarria ( Walk – 27km) The rain in Spain falls mainly in Gallicia. It is the state through which the last 150 km of… Continue reading

Eagles Soaring to El Cabriero

Camino: Day 22 -Wednesday April 29, 2009 Ruitelan to Triacastela (Walk – 30 km) Today I flew on the wings of an eagle lifting me to the sky. OK – that was Cat… Continue reading

Back in the Mountains

Camino: Day 21 -Tuesday April 28, 2009 Cacabelos to Ruitelan (Walk – 30km) Third week of my excellent adventure is coming to close today and it is hard to believe that it has… Continue reading

Crawling to Cacabelos

Camino: Day 20 – Monday April, 27 2009 El Acebo to Cacabelos (Walk – 32km) It was hard to leave the Alburgue at El Acebo. It felt like leaving a warm haven and getting… Continue reading

Cruising to Cruz Ferro

Camino: Day 19 – Sunday April 26, 2009  Astorga to El Acebo (Walk – 38km) Today was close to being a perfect day. The predicted rain did not arrive and it was glorious… Continue reading

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