Sunshine to Melida

Camino: Day 25 – Saturday May 2, 2009
Gonzar to Melide (Walk – 32km)

I left early as I found it impossible to sleep. My bunk was located between a snorer who also racked in smokers cough through the night and a women who snored non-stop. I am pleased that I got going when I did as it was a glorious with cold air and pale blue early morning sky. The start of the walk was a gradual uphill for the first 10km. The view back was spectacular with the mist shrouding the low lying land as the sun came up over the horizon.  The countryside I walked though today was very similar to yesterday. Many small dairy farming villages with cows stopping to give me stare as I passed.

The other notable feature of the walk today was the appearance of Eucalyptus trees which I guess were introduce from Australia.  Seemed strange after the last few weeks of walking to see familiar vegetation – made me more than a little homesick. After lunch the temperature was noticeably higher then yesterday afternoon. It felt almost summery.  I could walk in only 2 layers of clothing instead of the 4 or 5 I have been in up to now. But of course for the Europeans it was positively tropical. Arrived in Melida which was my destination for the day – a small town with lost of people out and about enjoying the late afternoon spring sunshine.