Category Archive: Green Gully 2018

Up and Out

Green Gully Track Day 4: Monday December 24, 2018 Calwells Hut to Cedar Creek Lodge – 17.5km Final day of the hike and the much anticipated long climb out of the gully. We… Continue reading

Canyon Walk

Green Gully Track Day 3: Sunday December 23, 2018 Green Gully Hut to Calwells Hut – 13.5km After a very restful 10 hours sleep, we woke enthused and energised for today’s section of… Continue reading

Into the Gully

Green Gully Track Day 2: Saturday December 22, 2018 Birds Nest Hut to Green Gully Hut – 15km Hailstones and torrential rain thundering on the tin roof of the hut woke us up… Continue reading

Holly Cow

Green Gully Track Day 1: Friday December 21, 2018 Cedar Creek Cottage to Birds Nest Hut – 17.5km Despite the huge downpour last night, the morning dawned to brilliant blue skies. We were… Continue reading

Green Gully Track

Day 0: December 20, 2018 Five days before Christmas Hammer and I had the opportunity to hike the Green Gully Track. It is a 65km walk through the the Apsley-Mcleay gorge in the… Continue reading

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