Cows of Gonzar

Camino: Day 24 – Friday May 1, 2009
Sarria to Gonzar (Walk – 30km)

I left Sarria just just before sunrise. I was pleased to be able to walk as I was not sure my ankle would hold up. But Voltarin is fantastic as I am discovering.  Today I walked along quite country lanes passing through numerous small villages, on a perfect spring day.  Cool in the morning and glorious sunshine through the rest of the day. Walking most of the way through villages supporting small family farms, mainly dairy.

Cows and their by-product were everywhere. I imagined myself being able to live this country life but without the cows. Just as I was thinking this I walked through Montras which was just that. The most stylish village cafe I have seen on the Camino was also one of the few buildings in this village. Stopped for coffee and almost stayed for lunch. But instead stopped for lunch in Portomarin. The town was very tidy which is not surprising since it was rebuilt when the dam built in 1956 flooded the original town. Gonzar was as far as I made it today, had plans to go further. Gonzar is very very small and has a faint aroma of its main inhabitants – cows.