Six Foot Track to Santiago

Camino: Day 26 – Sunday May 3, 2009
Melida to San Carlos (Walk – 48km)
Another fantastic summery day with cool start in the morning and heat during the daytime as I set off from Melida to Grandmas house. I had originally planned a shorter day walking but after turning off where I was supposed to be staying and not finding the Alburgue I decided to try going all the way to the entry to Santiago, leaving just a short stroll downtown in the morning to the Cathedral to finish.
The morning walking was pretty much the same as yesterday, mainly small dairy farms. In the afternoon I walked a few hours with people I had met previously. The heat was almost too strong for walking after lunch. I am beginning to understand why the Spanish have the siesta. The last 15km I walked on my own until reaching San Marcos at 7 pm. San Marcos is the last village before arriving in Santiago. The afternoon walking was quite surreal it was all mainly through dense Eucalyptus forest.  I felt like I was going home. I had to keep remind myself that I was still in Spain. The smell, the rustle of the wind in the trees, the leaves underfoot were all so familiar after weeks of flora that was so different. One section reminded me of the Six Foot Track – I though I was dreaming.  Oh it would be so – so delicious to ditch the pack and go for a run but I think I need new legs and feet at the moment as well. My left knee is held together by sticky tape and Voltarin. But remarkably I found the walk not that hard, although towards the end I did start to think it was never ending.