Crawling to Cacabelos

Camino: Day 20 – Monday April, 27 2009
El Acebo to Cacabelos (Walk – 32km)

It was hard to leave the Alburgue at El Acebo. It felt like leaving a warm haven and getting back out on the trail. Sky was overcast, and a mist shrouded the mountains behind me as a light drizzle accompanied me off the mountains for the 17 km descent to Ponferrada.  I found walking today particularly difficult. My pack felt like it had several bricks added to it and not even a coffee stop made any difference.

Ponferrada is a large industrial town famous for being the home of a Knights Templar Castle, Castillo de los Templarios.  I stayed long enough to see the Castle and have lunch before setting off for the 15 km walk through several unremarkable villages to reach Cacabelos.  Don’t know if it was leaving the mountains or the headcold I managed to pick up but today I had the weight of the world in my pack and I could not wait to put it down. I am surprised I made it this far.