Back in the Mountains

Camino: Day 21 -Tuesday April 28, 2009
Cacabelos to Ruitelan (Walk – 30km)
Third week of my excellent adventure is coming to close today and it is hard to believe that it has been that long. Just walking along one day at a time. As I was getting ready to leave this morning my thoughts were that I just about had enough of this, I want it to be over. This morning a light rain was falling but it was not cold. Cacabelos seems to be a dreary town in the middle of a wine growing region. Too small to be a town but too large to be a village. In the morning I walked though vineyards mainly until reaching the next town, Villafranca which is a beautiful town with a huge church towering over it.  On leaving town, I took a longer route over the mountains to reach the next town. Being in the mountains again was fantastic. I seem to have the trail to myself with stunning scenery as I walked to the top. I felt light and the climbing was effortless. The rain was falling intermittently – I could hear cuckoo birds calling in the distance and even the sun came out briefly. Not sure if it was the Voltarin or the endorphins kicking in, or the Helen Reddy song “I am woman” going around in my head – or a combination of all – but I felt once again that I could just walk forever. Even as I came across a man with an axe not for one moment did it occur to me to be worried.
After two hours of climbing, the trail descended off the mountain through a chestnut grove for about 3 km and fom here there was a few km walking along avery busy highway before turning off and walking through two small villages overshadowed by the highway flyovers to reach the village of Ruitelan. I stayed in a lovely Alburgue run by two guys. There was meditation music playing in the background – it feels really very homey and the home cooked meal they prepared for five of us who were staying there was a great way to finish the day.