Eagles Soaring to El Cabriero

Camino: Day 22 -Wednesday April 29, 2009
Ruitelan to Triacastela (Walk – 30 km)

Today I flew on the wings of an eagle lifting me to the sky. OK – that was Cat Stevens, not me, but the song was going through my mind as I ascended from Ruitelan to El Cabriero.  Today is the last of the days in the mountains, with a total ascent of 1280m to El Cabreiro and the Alto del Poio, the last high point before the gradual decent towards the coast and Santiago. Overcast misty weather made for another perfect day in the mountains for me. I felt like I had wings attached to my feet as I climbed. The scenery was stunning and as I got higher the surrounding landscape gradually disappeared in the mist.

The morning walking, through small villages to the sound of cowbells and birds and no other walkers for miles, could not get any better. I was prepared for El Cobriero to be a bit touristy but when I got there it was shrouded in mist and very serene. It was really very special and for me a real turning point on this walk. On the 13 km descent to Triacastela I walked with a Swiss woman Ulrika with whom I had walked previously on the way up to Cruz de Ferro.  Rolling green hills on both sides were visible as the mist was left behind in the mountains. Triacastela is a sad looking town without any noteworthy features. Sad to be leaving the mountains behind but looking forward to reaching Santiago.