Back in the Mountains

Camino: Day 21 -Tuesday April 28, 2009 Cacabelos to Ruitelan (Walk – 30km) Third week of my excellent adventure is coming to close today and it is hard to believe that it has… Continue reading

Crawling to Cacabelos

Camino: Day 20 – Monday April, 27 2009 El Acebo to Cacabelos (Walk – 32km) It was hard to leave the Alburgue at El Acebo. It felt like leaving a warm haven and getting… Continue reading

Cruising to Cruz Ferro

Camino: Day 19 – Sunday April 26, 2009  Astorga to El Acebo (Walk – 38km) Today was close to being a perfect day. The predicted rain did not arrive and it was glorious… Continue reading

Ambling to Astorga

Camino: Day 18 – Saturday April 25, 2009 Hospital de Orbigo to Astorga (Walk – 17km) Cold wind this morning and it was back with gloves and beanie after only one day of… Continue reading

Highway to Hospital de Ortega

Camino: Day 17 – Friday April 24, 2009 Leon to Hospital de Orbigo (Walk – 32km) Corky Fakt 10: Kindness from strangers can multiply I was surprised by how good it felt to put… Continue reading

Sad news in Leon

Camino: Day 16 -Thursday April 23, 2009 Hotel Paris in Leon (Rest – 0km) Corky Fakt 9: Be still and be present to the needs of those around you. I woke up to… Continue reading

Yeah I am in Leon

Camino:  Day 15 – Wednesday April 22, 2009 Religioso to Leon (Walk – 27km) Corky Fakt 8: Walking is no substitute for running Glorious weather for walking but even better for running was the… Continue reading

More Mindnumbing Meseta

Camino:  Day 14 -Tuesday April 21, 2009 Sahagun – Religioso (Walk – 31 km) Fantastic weather with a cool breeze and sun all day long as I walked a mind numbing 31 km… Continue reading

Contemplation on a Roman road to Sahagun

Camino: Day 13 – Monday April 20, 2009 Carrion de los Condes to Sahagun (Walk – 38 km) Took me three goes to get out of Carrion de los Condes this morning. Some on… Continue reading

Snow Capped Mountains to Carrion de los Condes

Camino: Day 12 – Sunday April 19, 2009 Itero de la Vega to Carrion de los Condes (Walk – 34 km) I disliked Itero de la Vega so much I went to bed without… Continue reading

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