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Got My New York On

Sunday November 1, 2015 – New York Marathon  What an event, what a day and  I finished. I still can’t believe it. I certainly had a lot to be worried about. It was… Continue reading

New York State of Mind

Tuesday October 20, 2015 – 2 weeks to New York Marathon Since the last post, 3 months ago I have totalled  400km in training with the longest run being 22 km in distance. There… Continue reading

Boston Marathon Blues

Monday June 22, 2015 – 19 weeks to New York Marathon (45km) It has been 8 weeks since the Boston Marathon and running has been spasmodic at best. It took almost 3 weeks to get… Continue reading

Boston Marathon

Monday April 20, 2015 – Race Day Race day had finally arrived and I was feeling a lot more more nervous about running than I would normally feel before a marathon.  In addition… Continue reading


Week 12: Monday April 14, 2015 – One week to Boston (0 km) I have a week in Boston before the race. I hope to get out for a few little runs as I’ve only had 12… Continue reading

So, What Next?

Thursday August, 14, 2014I have not run a step since Grandmas Marathon eight weeks ago.   I ran Grandmas for so many personal reasons. My mother was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer just… Continue reading

Grandmas Marathon 2014, Duluth, Minnesota

Grandmas Marathon June 21, 2014 SOOOOOO HAPPY….my comeback road marathon  done and dusted – Grandmas Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota. Very very happy with how I ran and my overall time of 4.07 with… Continue reading

Bring on Grandma

June 15, 2014 (Race week – Grandmas)A week of travel through New York and Chicago before race day on Saturday. June 21. Flu has worsened while in New York but by the time… Continue reading

Countdown to Grandmas

June 9, 2014 (1 week to Grandmas)For a whole lot of reasons managed only one run  in the second last week before race day.  A short interval session on Tuesday. I  was intending… Continue reading

Frosty Morning

Monday June 8, 2014 (2 weeks to Grandmas)A week of way too many commitments and bad weather meant that sadly running did not come first. Managed to get out three times:  a hill… Continue reading

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