Bring on Grandma

June 15, 2014 (Race week – Grandmas)

A week of travel through New York and Chicago before race day on Saturday. June 21. Flu has worsened while in New York but by the time I arrived in Duluth on Thursday it has almost cleared.

While I have not been for a run since last week I have done plenty of walking and I feel strong. Not too worried about not getting out for a run. What is of concern is that two nights before race day I have developed really painful spontaneous cramping through the night which was common during the worst of the disease flaring. It has left me with painful calves  and arms – a day before the race.  Will massage and go out for a light jog at lunchtime Friday.

Race day is predicted to be cold (7-12 C) and raining. Can’t wait to start and see what happens when the pain and suffering begins.