New York State of Mind

Tuesday October 20, 2015 – 2 weeks to New York Marathon 
Since the last post, 3 months ago I have totalled  400km in training with the longest run being 22 km in distance. There has been much frustration over  the calf spasms and the painful right ankle. The injuries along with a death in the family has meant that running has taken a back seat for much of the time.

But now I am back running and while it is not comfortable most of the time,  every now and then there is a little breakthrough run that gives me hope that all will come together, maybe not on race day but eventually.  But not much I can do about it now but accept that the marathon will be painful and it will be ugly.

View of sunrise over the Derwent River Bridge on  my early morning run

So for the Good:
 –  I am off all treatment since mid July to test how the body holds up. So far so good with a review due in late November;
 – I found I new pair of running shoes I love – Mizuno Hitogami.  I ran the Sydney Striders 10k at North Head (in August) in them and ran a season PB 50:09 off limited training. They are a joy to run in and are great for shorter runs.  The shoes in addition to the Physio sessions has been the end of calf pain;
 – I raced a short run at the Southern Highlands Challenge on August 23. Great day out discovering new trails; and
 – I raced the Sydney Striders Homebush 10k in October, off no running at all in the preceding weeks and finished in a better time than I expected (54.15).
 – I spent two days in Hobart which included a run along the Derwent river early in the morning. It really was glorious. I haver forgotten how beautify Hobart can be.

Mizuno Hitogami – love them!

Southern Highlands Challenge – short run. Feeling slow and sluggish, two days after a  tooth extraction. I really should not have been running

The Bad:
 – trying to return to running with a heavy hearty;
 – still trying to find a shoe that will be OK for the longer runs. I tried going back to the two pairs I ran in the last two marathons (Brooks Adrenaline and Hoka Huakas) and each caused pain and  trauma to my lower legs. Latest test is a pair of Mizuno Sayonara, which are like the Hitogami with a little bit more cushioning.  My longest run in them (22km) felt great – so they will have to do for New York.

The Ugly:
 – this week has just been very, very hard. I have no bounce in my legs. I am slowing down and even at a slow pace I have a high heart rate and I don’t know why.