A couple of weeks ago I visited Hobart for what was a planned to be a week long tour of wineries and  sightseeing with old friends. Sadly, some unexpected  news from home meant that I returned after only two days and Hammer did nor even leave home. Glad that I could get back to  be home with family at a sad time and Hobart and Southern Tasmania will have to wait for another visit.

However the days I spent wandering the old parts of Hobart, reminiscing of past trips here, especially my time on CSIRO research cruises as a student, were wonderful.  So exciting to see the new ship  ‘Investigator’ in port. I had many research cruises departing from and arriving back in Hobart, back in the 1980’s. I have forgotten how beautiful Hobart can be and I can’t wait to go back. Hammer and I may return in January next year.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-1

At Salamanca Place just after I arrived .

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-4

View up the estuary from Battery Point.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-19

Headstones from an old de-consecrated cemetery line the walk.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-20

Recovered headstones.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-21

Spring has sprung.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-22

Spring has sprung.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-25

Uptown in the civic centre, beautiful Art Deco Hobart Council building.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-26

Boats at rest.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-28

Boats at rest.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-31

Late evening storm approaching in port.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-32

Late evening storm is approaching.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-38

Battery Point, beautiful in the evening light.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-39

Battery Point, beautiful in the evening light.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-40

Battery Point, beautiful in the evening light.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-43

Just off Castray Esplanade in the evening light.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-45

On the way back to my hotel I noticed this beautiful building, the whiteness of which was offset in the evening sky. I raced up the road to get a photo before the light disappeared. However I was thwarted by a police car pulling over a driver right in front of where I stopped. Moving along, I am still happy with the image.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-46

Mutual Life since 1876.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-49

On the ferry on our way to MONA, finally get an unimpeded view of the “Investigator”.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-53

I sat on the dock drinking an early morning coffee before flying back home. Feeling so sad on what promises to be a stunning day.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-54

Even though I was feeling so sad, this scene filled me with peace.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-55

Feeling so sad on what promises to be a stunning day.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-56

Old schooner in port.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-57

Old Schooner.

2015_09_17 FluffersDoTas-76

Circling in for the landing back in Sydney..