Frosty Morning

Monday June 8, 2014 (2 weeks to Grandmas)
A week of way too many commitments and bad weather meant that sadly running did not come first. Managed to get out three times:  a hill session  on Tuesday, a 2*2km  interval session on Saturday and a long run on Sunday.

Spent a weekend in Canberra over the  Queens birthday holiday  staying at Redbrow B&B on Ninimia Rd, Murrumbateman. We were fortunate with the weather, clear star-filled skies at night and sunny in the daytime.

The long and undulating road  on the way to our accommodation was perfect training for Grandmas. Setting off with Hammer on Sunday morning, the countryside was quite and  peaceful, there was frost on the ground and a cool breeze was blowing from the south. We ran past paddocks where black Angus cows  stopped to stare as we passed, lots of kangaroos on various farms.

Hammer was struggling from about 20 km so we cut the run short. Just as well as I was getting a little bit concerned about unusual tightness in my left hip – very similar to pain of stress fracture. Better to be safe.We turned around near a horse ranch with a beautifully designed garden filled with huge bronze statues.

On the run we discussed strategy for Grandmas. My goal is to finish and depending on how things go, it would be fabulous to get a Six Foot qualifier for next year, just in case.  So secondary goal is to run under 4hrs20min. I had planned on starting out at 6.10 min/km pace and seeing how I felt at 30 km, but Hammer convinced me that 6min/km is possible and would give me a little buffer for a qualifying time.