New York

New York, June 13_16, 2014
Three days in New York and time has flown by. Marvelous sunny skies with warm weather and lots of people out and about making the most of the weekend. I have a flu so have not been as energetic as I was hoping to be. I am sitting in my room 9 floors above ground, listening to huge roar of the crowd chanting USA, USA in support of the USA  football team playing Ghana in the World Cup.  Reminds me of a trip to Rome a long time ago when Italy played in the World Cup, a warm summers night when the vocal energy of the supporters made the ground shake.

My favourite place is still Bryant Park just behind the City Library. Wonderful scale and offers respite from the rush out on the road.   Wonderful to meander through such diverse urban landscape from uptown to downtown. I visited Chelsea Market and the Highline which were not developed on our last visit. A  beautiful high rise downtown building in the financial district covered in glass that gives the whole building a translucent quality.