PCT DAY 127: Mile 2163.6 – Mile 2190.6

Thursday August 18, 2016:  27 Miles  (43.2km)


I awoke to the tinkling sound of the water over the rocks. It was quite noticeable that the days are getting shorter. It is darker in the morning and I need to look for a campsite slightly earlier in the afternoons.

Despite the noticeable approach of autumn, this region is currently going through a bit of a heat wave. It has been predicted that today and for the next two days Portland, the closest city, will be around the 100F mark. While I am at slightly higher elevation it has been very hot and humid, which has made climbing the many hills on the trail today very sweaty work.

I left camp around 6.20am and came across the guys I have been crossing paths with over the last week. My going past them inspired Obi One and Smiles to leave camp and give chase. Needless to say they caught me fairly quickly. There was a long steady climb before the decent to Panther Creek which seemed like a good spot for lunch. I walked part of the way to the creek with Big Hunk and it was a privilege to find out part of his story of working for start-up companies and what he hopes to do in the future. Before I knew it we were at the creek. I cooked my usual big meal at lunch and made some tortillas for dinner.  As usual I was the last to leave the creek. It was a 9 mile climb out and about 11 miles to the next water. I carried 2 litres of water and with the hot conditions  was very pleased to arrive at the natural spring where the water was flowing clear and cold.

There is an event called Trail Days commencing this weekend in Cascade Locks. I am fortunate that Jim, with whom Corky and I hiked sections of the desert, has offered to come and pick me up to go to the event. There seems to be some excitement building for the event among the hikers. So I need to hike 25 miles tomorrow to meet Jim on Saturday morning to head to Cascade Locks.

It was also pleasing to realize that  I had covered just slightly more than the marathon distance today. It is still quite warm and I  am laying on top of the sleeping bag in the tent without the rainfly. It is extremely quiet here with only the odd rumbling of my stomach from drinking too much water.