PCT DAY 126: Mile 2144.4 – Mile 2163.6

Wednesday August 17, 2016: 19.2 Miles  (30.7km)


 I left the hotel around 9.30m so it was a relatively late start this morning. I was surprised to see the guys I hiked with yesterday also got a late start and were getting a last coffee before heading out.

To get out of Cascade Locks you cross the Bridge of the Gods. It is an iron bridge with a tollway and does not cater for pedestrian. The cars seem to make allowances for us crazy hikers. I crossed the Bridge with Obi One and Smiles and it was mighty windy. I found out that it is called Bridge of the Gods as some 300 to 500 years ago, part of the walls of the valley collapsed and blocked the river and so the native named it the Bridge of the Gods. Halfway across the Bridge there is a welcome to Washington sign. Incidentally this is where Cheryl Strayed from Wild fame finished her walk.

Thank You Oregon.   I have enjoyed hiking in Oregon immensely. It is now time for Washington.

There seems to be some confusion as to the distance to Canada. The Laundromat had 504 miles, we walked about a mile to get to the trail-head and a sign said 507 miles, while the Halfmile app said 510 miles. Regardless I now have less than 500 miles to go. It reminds me of the Proclaimers  song- I will walk 500 miles … la dee da de da etc.

There was a creek about 7 miles up and it seemed like a good spot to stop for lunch as the next water was 12 miles away. Lid and Big Hunk came along and joined us for lunch. They all ate and headed off before I was finished with lunch.

It was a hot sweaty climb in the early afternoon which seems to often be the case after you have done laundry. Regardless doing laundry is always worthwhile as it always feels nice to put on clean clothes.

The afternoons hiking was pleasant, there was tree cover which kept the temperature down. There were berries beside the trail, I quite like the red ones that look like raspberries but I’m not so keen on the yellow salmonberries. I tried huckleberries and the first one was good but the second probably needed more time on the vine.

I am camped by Rock Creek and the water makes a delightful sound as it cascades over the boulders. At times it even sounds like someone is having a conversation.