PCT DAY 128: Mile 2190.6 – Mile 2216.3

Friday August 19, 2016:  25.7 Miles  (41 km) 

I awoke this morning to the sound of wind higher in the trees. This had covered the tent  in a frosting of pine needles. On the ground the wind was barely noticeable.

I was on trail by about 6.40am and it was quite pleasant walking. At the next water source which was a piped spring I snuck round 2 guys who were sprawled right on the track which was the only flat spot around. About 2 miles further on I smelt the pleasant aroma of a camp fire. Little did I know that this was trail magic heaven.  I was sat down and was brought an egg from the previous sitting while fresh eggs, hamburger patties and hash browns were being cooked. There was chopped fruit, and pastries to start on while the fresh fry up was being cooked and cold sodas or beer. There was the equivalent of a hiker box with darn tough socks, caps, buffs, a range of energy bars and another box with blister care and ibuprofen etc. These guys knew what hikers need/want.

I astounded myself with how much I ate. I had already had my rolled oates, some peanuts and a Museli bar but followed that up with some cantaloupe  (rockmelon) 2 pastries, 2 plates of cooked breakfast, 2 cokes, a beer and some chocolate. Our host than put chilli beans to warm in a pot over the fire and handed out hotdogs to roast in the fire which would then be covered with the chilli beans. O  knew I had to get moving before this extravaganza was ready to go. So I thanked my hosts Shirtless, Steve, Sizzler and his son whose trail name escapes me for their extraordinary generosity and great company and got moving.

I only made it about 100 metres when I heard the cry of Hammer. There were two ladies about to set up trail magic not realizing that 100 metres away there was already trail magic. It seems one of the ladies has been following the blog for sometime and they spontaneously thought they would have a try at being trail angels and provide some trail magic. I let them know that Trail Days was on in Cascade Locks and that they may find that quite a few people may be off trail. I also let them know there are about 8 people ahead and they decided on a spot further up the trail in the Sawtooth range that may be a better spot. So I hope it worked out OK as they were very enthusiastic and the coolers were full.

The hiking was good as I walked through the forest with little undergrowth and then came across some volcanic rocks with caves as well as established forest. It was also starting to warm up.

There was a series of ponds and then several large lakes. I had lunch at Blue Lake and joined another hiker “Doctor Disney” to hike the 3 miles or so to Bear Lake where we both filtered water for the 9 mile waterless stretch.

It will be interesting to see what Trail Days in Cascade Locks will be like. It sounds like part Expo and part schoolies.An explanation of schoolies – in Australia upon graduation from high school thousands of students make their way to the Gold Coast in Queensland to drink and party. The Expo part apparently brings together some of the smaller manufacturers of products such as packs and tents. So I am looking forward to see how it works.

I can have a bit of a sleep-in tomorrow as I only need to walk 0.2 of a mile to the spot where I will meet Jim.