PCT DAY 113: Mile 1891.5- Mile 1915

Thursday August 4, 2016: 23.5 Miles  (37.6 km)


This morning I awoke to the sound of an elk roaring across the lake. I was in fear of getting out of the tent as the mosquitos were so fierce last night.

It was quite a cold morning and the first morning in some time that I have started the morning hike with my down jacket on. We had 5 miles to cover to get to Shelter Cove resort and their famed hotdogs. Section B, Pathfinder and I set off and the conversation flowed easily and before long we arrived at Shelter Cove.   To our dismay the hot dog machine was not as yet operational, so 2 breakfast burritos later and the hunger was satisfied. I also picked up my resupply package and quickly sorted that into my food bag. I had a thirst for a milkshake or a chocolate milk. Although the coffee machine worked overtime and Section B had her coffee fix for the day there were no milkshakes and the chocolate milk was only sold by the gallon.

On the way into Shelter Cove we ran into Napoleon who I thought would have been way in front by now. He was heading in the other direction and I figured he was being a purist and getting back on the PCT where he left it.
On the way out of Shelter Cove we met Trail Angel Kim who provide us with bagels, and muffins and sliced up pineapple and watermelon. It was truly delicious and Kim was also giving rides to some hikers. Thank you Kim for your generosity and enthusiasm.

As we were about to leave Napoleon and Lefty arrived. It turns out that Napoleon far from being a purist had simply taken the wrong trail.

We hiked back to the PCT and got to a lookout overlooking Odell Lake. Section B and I sensed that Pathfinder was itching to pick up the pace and cover more miles and try to complete the Oregon challenge. So we said our goodbyes and wished him every success.

Section B and I hiked on to Lower Rosary Lake where we stopped for lunch and were soon joined by a number of other hikers. It was a very pretty lake and the clarity of the water was exceptional.

After lunch and the conversation flowed easily. Section B is also a teacher who teaches grade 1 in Vancouver and is completing a 1,000 mile section from Echo Lake to Cascade Locks. She and her husband had also completed the John Muir Trail. Section B has been reading this blog among others before starting the trip.

We looked at possible campsites and there were 2 without water or what sounded like a lovely lake only 0.3 miles off the trail. Lake Burney won and did not disappoint. It had lovely clean, clear water and the temperature was refreshing for a swim.