PCT DAY 112: Mile 1865.5- Mile 1891.5

Wednesday August 3, 2016: 26 Miles  (41.6 km)


I was packed and on the trail by about 6.15am. The temperature was on the mild side and the mosquito level was moderate.

Section B and I made good time and came across a couple Klaus and Michelle who are section hiking Oregon. We ended up walking with them until lunchtime.

We also ran into a southbound thru-hiker who was the perfect advertisement for selling Australia as a tourist destination. While visiting Australia, he drove 10,000 miles in 19 days and simply loved it. Klaus had also done a bicycle trip through much of Australia. As well as covering a fair percentage of the world on his 2 year plus journey.

Pathfinder also caught up with us and we all decided the Oregon Skyline Trail was a better option to get to Shelter Cove.  It had more water, was slightly shorter and was at lower elevation.  It is a recognized alternative to the PCT.
Before turning off on the Oregon Skyline Trail we passed  a couple on a horse and a mule. They had been doing trail maintenance on the PCT over many years. I  asked about correct trail etiquette if you come across horses on the trail. It was surprising to learn that horses have a fear of hiking poles which they fear may be a stick or a whip that may do them harm. Also to talk to the horse in a soothing voice so it recognizes you as being human.

We came to Oldenburg Lake where a swim and lunch was in order. Klaus and Michelle are super nice people. They run a design and build business and also have acquired some industrial buildings which they have converted for short term rental accommodation in Portland.  This allows them the freedom to travel on extended overseas trips. It was their wedding anniversary and they were not needing to do big miles and so stayed by the lake a bit longer.

Section B, Pathfinder and I continued on and as the afternoon and evening approached the mosquitos got more numerous and aggressive. This will go down as the worst mosquito swarms to date.
It has been a day of lovely scenery, many lakes and wonderful company to walk with.

A little bit of over exuberance was tempered by common sense today. I was keen to test out my ankle by heading out for a mile long walk, some weightbearing supported by crutches. Not even halfway out I realised that it was not a good idea and turned back.