PCT DAY 111: Mile 1837- Mile 1865.5

Tuesday August 2, 2016: 28.5 Miles  (40.8km)


Pathfinder was away early this morning. He was on a mission to catch some friends at mile 2,000 by August 6th. He is also aiming  to complete the Oregon challenge – which is to complete the Oregon section of the PCT in 14 days or about 33 miles a day. Better him than me.

Section B was going to have a leisurely breakfast before hitting the trail. I headed out and was surprised by how cold it was. The sun was up and the sky was clear but my hands just could not warm up.

Section B caught up with me just after crossing Highway 138 and we hiked together for the rest of the day. The conversation flowed easily and the miles passed quickly. There was some spectacular rock formations interspersed  by dense forested areas and some amazing blue lakes.

The Rim Trail is still closed and we are starting to meet  more  South bound thu-hikers.


It has been two weeks since I’ve come off the trail. Today I have very encouraging signs of progress. While wearing the boot, I am able to bear weight on the injured ankle without experiencing pain. 

Spent most of the day listening to podcasts from the Sydney Writers Festival 2016.  The festival is on every year in May and is a real highlight. The calender this year was stellar. Listening to the podcasts feels like a little slice of home. It has been a binge fest to listen to as many talks as I want. 

They come around each morning to graze and move on.