PCT DAY 114: Mile 1915- Mile 1940.8

Friday August 5, 2016: 25.8 Miles  (41.3km)

The 5am alarm clock seems to be the roar of an elk and this morning it was right on schedule.  Although I was woken from slumber about 4am with the pitter patter of rain. Not ideal, as I did not have the rainfly on. So it was a scramble to get out and get the rainfly cover on the tent. As soon I finished the rain stopped. It was the briefest of showers.

Section B and I walked for a couple of hours when a southbound hiker we met told us there was some trail magic ahead. The mention of freshly brewed coffee had Section B jumping for joy. I think Corky and Section B would be a draw for who likes their morning coffee more. We met Crazy Joe who was a Trail Angeling over on the Continental Divide Trail before coming over to the PCT. When I said I was not a coffee drinker, I was offered a beer which, even though it was 8.30am, was greatfully  accepted. It was a Deschuttes Millpond Pale Ale, a truly delicious beer.  Trail Angel Joe was a patents lawyer in a previous life and had visited Australia several times, being an avid scuba diver. While we could have spent much longer talking to Joe, there were miles to be walked.

We encountered a large fire burn section which although sad was showing signs of recovery. The miles seemed to fly by and we had lunch by Taylor Lake, one of many lakes we were to encounter throughout the day.

I ended up camping at Horseshoe Lake with Smoky, Lefty and Section B. It is always nice to be near a lake as you can wash the dust off your legs and feet. The dust seems to be causing me a few blisters on the tops of my foot.


The sunset this evening and Jupiter shining bright above the moon were a lot more interesting then the Olympic opening ceremony in Rio.

Jupiter shining bright above the moon over Black Butte.

Beautiful sunset.