Take Me Back To The Ballpark

Boston Day 4, Saturday April 18, 2014
Another gloriously sunny day in Boston and it was great to be outside to feel the sunshine on your face. It made me feel instantly better. But the wind, when you were exposed to it, was very chilly.  I walked over to the waterfront where the first Boston Marathon Expo I attended was held near the World Trade Centre. Incredible the amount of development that has occurred here over the past 9 years The Fishermans Wharf however still stands and is pretty much in its original condition. Complete with the sound of seagulls squawking overhead.
I walked over to the Boston Design Center which I visited previously. Unfortunately it was closed on the weekend.  This area of Boston reminds me so much of the waterfront of Sydney around Pyrmont and what used to be Darling Harbour. Lots of old warehouses that would have serviced the shipping trade.
I walked back into the city for lunch and then a meander through Boston Common on my way back to the Expo. The park was incredibly alive. Amazing what a weekend and a bit of sunshine makes. There were people picnicking, a swing band with dancers and masses of people just out and about enjoying the sunshine. The magnolia trees seem to be flowering in front of your eyes. When I arrived these trees had no flowers at all.  It just all looked so beautiful. I almost wished I had a better camera with me, but decided not to carry it as I was going to the baseball later in the afternoon.
On the way back to the Expo, Boylstone Street near the marathon finish was absolutely packed. There were people 10 deep trying to get through. I had another look at the finish line just to remind me that, barring absolute disaster, I will be here around 3pm on Monday. No if or bust or excuses. Flu or no flu, I will make it.
Back at the Expo and it was even more crowded that yesterday. I wandered about taking free food samples wherever I could. Nothing really stands out as new, except maybe anew running shoe, can,t remember the name but very similar to Altra.  I did pick up a brochure. At 3.30 I met up with a few Sydney-siders and their friends to walk over to Fenway Park for 4pm Redsox baseball game. I have always wanted to go but on previous trips it never quite worked out due to timing of games or the weather.   What a lot of fun  the game was. Hard to work out what the score was as I could not see the scoreboard but the spectacle of the fans and the food sellers was a treat. You certainly would never go hungry at a baseball game.  By halfway through the game , the wind was whipping the stand I was in and my feet were frozen on the concrete stand. I walked around a few different stands to get out of the wind and change viewing angles.  My time at the baseball was complete with the singing of the Fenway Park anthem, Sweet Caroline.  My cup of happiness was full and I left before I froze and before full time.
Back at the hostel to warm up before heading out to dinner at Vietnamese place for a bowl of delicious chicken pho. Just what I needed. A good day.

Bostons oldest brewery, The Harpoon.
Boston Common
Boston Common – swing band in action
Magnificent magnolia
Beautiful spring blooms in the sunshine