Boston Marathon Expo

Boston – Day 3 Friday April 17, 2015
This morning the sky was grey and a steady drizzle looked to be set for the day.  I had planned to pick u my registration when the expo opens in the afternoon. It was tempting to stay warm and dry indoors, especially with the flu but I forced myself to move. So despite to cool conditions and the rain I headed out to revisited the older part of Boston around Fenuil Hall and Quincy Market.  I watched to Redcoats do their shtick for awhile. I noticed the coats had beautiful little hearts where the tails are upturned.  From here I made my way up to Boston Common and then onto the Expo. I was gobsmacked to see the line for bib pickup snaked for a few hundred metres and this was a quatre of an hour before the Expo opened.  Picked up my bib and spent about 2 hrs at the Expo, which was enormous. Lots of free samples of various items..always a treat.  After the expo I caught the subway out to Mile 16 of the marathon course at Wellesly to have dinner with Hearbreak Hill Striders.  Great Italian restaurant called Pappa Razzi. My flu made me feel like shit towards the end of the night and I could not wait to get home to bed.  I am staying at a Hostel near Chinatown for another 2 nights. Great location and surrounded lots of great value eating options. I will transfer to a hotel at Newton, midway along the race route.

Grey overcast day in Quincy plaza.
The red coats in action.
Cute hearts on the red coats
Boylston Street where the Marathon finishes decorated in Boston Strong daffodils.
The line to get into bib pick-up snaked up and back around again.
Bib pick-up
Yes it is happening
The commemorative jackets were just not to my liking.   I still had to resist buying one.
A new word for the blog
These guys were Grandmas Marathon last year, offering pork tasting!
I have never had so many pictures of myself on trips before.
Yes it really is happening – I am ignoring the flu.
Boston Strong daffodils were just about everywhere.
Entry to Wellesly, mile 16 of the marathon course.