Boston Fens

Boston, April 16, 2015
Woke this morning with a sore throat, difficulty swallowing and runny nose.  Not sleeping well through the
night is not helping.  I am spending a few hours awake through the night and then late to rise.   It was
almost 9 am by the time I got going this morning.  Another glorious sunny day. I hate missing all that good
weather. I walked through Boston Common, which is the oldest public park in North America. Lots of
people about but the wind was still biting so everyone was moving along  and not luxuriating in that lovely
sunshine.  I walked along Boylston St, bought lots of cold and flu treatments and came upon the opening of
the the first North American  RunBase Store sponsored by Adidas and Boston Marathon and located at Mile 26 of the Marathon course.  After the dignitary speeches the ribbon was cut and we could walk through. Its really an Adidas store with a few  museum pieces of the Boston Marathon.  The marathon finish line was being set up and it is all beginning  to feel so real.  I walked westwards along the marathon course and crossed over the Fens, a wetland with a watercourse passing through the middle. Fenway Park, the baseball stadium , was just on the other side.  Further west is the REI outdoor goods store where I managed to spend a couple of hours before heading back to town. Lunch at DeLuccas deli in Newberry  Street, coffee in a French Patisserie in the Prudential Center and it was time to head back.   Sections of Boylestone street and Commonwealth Avenue have such stately apartment buildings. All looking so grand with the first tree in blossom that I’ve seen so far. I cant imagine how good it must feel to the l.ocals to have all this sunshine and blossoms after one of the most brutal winters this area has experienced. No wonder everyone is in such good spirits. Had dinner with a lovely Strider Linda, who is running Boston for the first time.  Now to kick this flu before  race day.
Kosciuszko being honoured in Boston Common
Boston Common
Copely Plaza with Boston Marathon Champions honour roll
The elusive unicorn.
Boston Fens
Fenway Park, one of the entry gates
The finish line being setup.