Twas the Day Before Boston Marathon

Boston Day 5, Sunday, April 19, 2015
This is it. One more sleep and D-day is here. I had a terrible nights sleep. My head felt like it was in a vice. All the bones in my face, including my teeth  were hurting all through the night. The pain was waking me up. I tried not to think too far ahead like how am going to run a marathon where everything hurts so much. Then a quick reminder, that marathon hurt just as much maybe I was doing some pre-conditioning. I am sharing a dorm room with 3 others and did not want to wake them up by rustling through my locker. But finally the pain was too much. I  ended up getting up at 4am to take a painkiller.  That eased the worst of the pain. Slept for a few hours more. A warm shower in the morning, brought me back to feeling much better –  I realised that YES – I can do this.  Thankfully the flu is still in my head and has not moved into the chest. So all advice is that it should be OK to run, but it will take longer to get over the flu.  I am changing hotels today. This was something I was hoping to avoid.  Next two nights I will be staying near Wellesly around Mile 16 of the course where the Heartbreak Hill Striders have  arranged for pickup on race morning.

Weather is really nice today…cold but sunny. Would have been perfect for running. But alas no it will be tomorrow…predicting 9 degrees C, rain and a headwind all the way.   Walked back onto Boylston street to get some more flu medication. Have not done much more, changed hotels…eating and drinking lots of water..deciding what to wear tomorrow.

Gear is all laid out and there is nothing more to do but relax and mediate on the race.