Yellowstone NP to Missoula

Friday July 4, 2014
Freezing cold when we packed up to leave at 6am. Beautiful early morning light, we stopped at the Norris Great Basin geyser field and the Paintpot eruptions before heading out of the park and heading north to Missoula.  Each time we had stopped at a park feature we have seen something new. It really is such an amazing place, where the earth is really alive underneath our feet.  We stood alone in the eary early morning light at the Norris geyser field with the earth bubbling and spurting up around us. It was very eary.

After leaving the park we traveled though pretty valleys and then open fields in Montana before reaching the city of  Missoula. We had arrived in the late afternoon on the 4th of July public holiday, long after the daytime parade. It was a bit quite and deserted.