CDT Day 111: 8 miles/13 km

CDT SOBO: Mile 1544.5 – 1552.5

Monday August 5, 2019

The extra hour of sleep was so welcomed. We woke feeling refreshed and eager to get going. It was an 8 mile hike to get to Highway 40 and then hitch into Steamboat. A heavy mist hung low over Elmo Lake. It was so still and silent. It was too cold for mosquitoes to be out but perfect temperature for us.

Last nights rain left the trailside vegetation wet. This meant wet shoes and socks almost as soon as we left camp. It didn’t matter, we were going into town and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful sunny day.

It was a stunning morning as the sun came up. A heavy fog hung low over the distant mountains. Passing Dumont Lake and the campground we knew we were close to the Highway. It was nice to see campers waking up and enjoying their morning coffee. I was envious of them having wheels. It reminded me of a dream I was having just before I woke this morning. In my dream I was driving a Subaru station wagon heading out of town to go camp – wishful thinking.

We made the highway by 9.20a. It is about 20 miles to Steamboat Springs and based on one hiker comment it was a very quick hitch. He said looked like a serial killer and it took him 5 minutes to get a ride. Not sure what it says about us but we stood by the road for 2 hours and not one car even slowed down. In fact they changed lanes to get away as they approached us. It’s hard not to take it personally. We had no phone service so we were kind of stuck.

The mist had rolled over the mountain and down into the valley just after we arrived at the highway. It was cold standing still in wet shoes. I convinced Hammer that we should move lower down the road as it may be a little warmer. And we did. Within 5 minutes a car turned around and offered us a ride. It was Larry, a local Walden man and he was driving a Subaru station wagon. He is a bit of a handyman and repairs bicycles for resale. He dropped us off at the Steamboat Hotel and we were in a room by 11.30.

What a relief to take off wet shoes. We did our laundry and had a shower before catching a free shuttle bus to downtown. First we stopped at the Big Agnes store to get a replacement tent bag. Steamboat Springs is the home of Big Agnes tents. Such great staff and service and of course a fantastic product. Justin at the store recommended the burger place next door for a late lunch. Backdoor Grill certainly delivered. A delicious burger and a beer and we were now very happy campers.

Steamboat Springs is a very spread out town. It was a very hot day and we were not up for walking around the old town much. So we got the bus to the supermarket. By 5.30pm grocery shopping was done and we could go back to the hotel and put our feet up and relax.