Monday December 26, 2016 – Wednesday December 28, 2016

So our homeless wanderings are coming to an end. Time to get back to our island home and put the backpack away for now. We had 2 more days in San Francisco before we flew back to Australia.

I always thought that San Francisco was a lot like our hometown of Sydney,  a hilly, coastal city with mild winters.  But the hills of San Francisco are so different,arising in unexpected places. It was fun to spend a bit of time walking around town and revisiting some favourite sights.

Flying out of San Francisco also gave us a chance to catch up with Still Will whom we met while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. We enjoyed a drink and a lovely dinner reliving our trail days. 

On our last day in town we met up with a friend from Sydney who was overnighting in San Francisco on her way from London to Auckland. Wonderful to go for a run together and chance upon a wonderful park with fantastic views over the city and out to sea. We shared news over breakfast in a funky bakery on Divisedaro Street and then it was time to pack up one more time and head to the airport.

Hammer and I were ready to go home but sad at the same time. It has been a fabulous year full of wonder at the beauty of this amazing planet we call home. 

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail has been an absolute highlight: an  amazing,  life changing journey. We are in love with the staggeringly diverse and beautiful landscapes we have encountered. But most of all,  it is the people that we have met, on and off the trail, that has made this a truly remarkable experience. 

Goodbye to 2016 – it has been a huge slice of life for us.

View from our hotel room

View of the sunrise from our hotel room

Beautiful streetlights in Chinatown

Dinner with Still Will

Exquisite beauty of a passionfruit flower

Coit Tower

Isadora Duncans home just up the road from our hotel

Painted ladies in the early morning light.

Just like running in winter in Sydney

View over the city from Corona Heights Park

Great coffee in beautiful Japanese ceramic cups

Quintessential for this part of town.

Happy to be connected

Market Street

BART – clean, safe and reliable.

Always wherever we go.

The bird is lined up and we are ready.