Monday December 19, 2016 – Monday December 26, 2016

Hard to believe that it is a week out from Christmas. We had breakfast at our accomodation with Theresita and Roberto in Santa Clara Cuba.  Their neighbour was going to give us a lift to the airport. We left our accomodation mid-morning. Just as well we arrived early to the airport, as our flight was an hour earlier then originally booked. The downside of not having access to email. But anyhow we got on our flight and 55 minutes later we disembarked at Fort Lauderdale. So happy to be back in the US, but not so happy with the 90 minutes to get through customs. Our flight to New York was delayed and as we sat in the departure lounge my neighbour shared his political views. Interesting to say the least to hear his version of America being described as a welfare state which he hopes the president-elect will fix.  It was almost midnight when we emerged from the subway at Grand Central station for a short walk to our hotel.It was freezing cold and the road was slippy with ice. Tropics in the morning and freezing cold New York at days end.

Our hotel was a dream. So much better then I thought it would be. It was a mid-town studio apartment with its own balcony and fantastic views of the New York skyline including the specialy lit up Chrysler Building. After the general dilapidation of Cuba it felt like a dream to look out of our window and see this staggeringly beautiful city.

It was simply glorious to walk around and marvel at the beauty and the grandeur. It was cold and windy for the first few days but so nice to get back inside after getting frozen being outdoors. We braved the huge crowds to see the Christmas lights on 5th Avenue and Rockefeller Plaza on our way to a Christmas Eve dinner mid-town. 

Christmas morning dawned to a dazzling clear blue sky.  We ventured outside to walk through Central Park and were surprised to find 5th Avenue and sections of Central Park were almost as busy as the night before. 

Overall a dreamy week in New York to finish our year of living differently. 

Saks Fifth Avenue

Rockefeller Centre

Bryant Park

Apartment with a balcony, what a treat.

Union Square

The Highline

The Highline

Columbus Circle

Hewitt Museum of Design

Our fourth Jose Marti statue, top of Avenue of Americas