​PCT Day 137: Mile 2377.2 – Mile 2390.6

Sunday August 28, 2016:  13.4 miles (21.4km)

It was a coolish morning and I had about 13 miles to get into Snoqualmie and my resupply package and a room, shower and laundry. It is funny but the closer you get to town the more day hikers you see and the more you notice that you are in need of a shower. Jim a fellow hiker commented that day hikers always smell good and look clean.
I noticed that the trail was pretty technical, with a lot of rocks and up and down. I always find the walk into a town quite difficult as you simply want to get there and as usual the PCT does not give its miles up easily. This was especially the case today, as for sometime you could see where you were going but the trail wound around the hill and through a large car park. I assume this was to establish the correct grade for horses to manage and also to get the cars just out of the town itself. There was a large number of day walkers on the trail which was great to see.

I had a couple of trail runners come past who were sweeping the trail for rubbish and the orange tape that had been used to mark the ultra marathon yesterday. They did a great job and in fact I am impressed that most of the trail has been free of trash from the Mexican border to my present position.

Still lots of huckleberries to eat and also hitting some blueberries while the salmon berries and raspberries are on there way out.

Once in Snoqualmie, I made my way to the Summit Inn but unfortunately they had no rooms ready and since it is the only place to stay it was a matter of waiting. The lady was very nice about it and the room was ready in about an hour. It was then over to the Ardvark good van for a hamburger, which came with soup which was excellent. I also met a fellow hiker from Newport Beach about 3 beaches North of where Corky and I live in Sydney. He is heading South to Truckee as he didn’t think he would beat the snow in Washingrown and is keen to give himself the best chance to complete the PCT.
It was then back to the room to do some laundry and catch up on communication with Corky and others. 

I will have a bit of a sleep in tomorrow and have some breakfast before hitting the trail again.