​PCT DAY 121: Mile 2029.5- Mile 2057.3

Friday August 12, 2016:  27.8 Miles  (44km)

I was up and away before the other 3 hikers stirred. I knew they would catch me further down the trail as I tend to like to stop and chat to people on the trail. While the scenery is superb, I tend to remember the people I meet over time.

It was not long before the first opportunity of the day arrived. There was a guy and his dog camped in the open field. I commented on what a great spot he had. He said the shooting stars were quite amazing. The conversation flowed onto dogs, retirement and hiking the PCT which he may do in the near future.

Following Moose’s advice of when you find a good rock with a view, have a seat and look around. The view of Mount Hood was stunning. The three hikers, Lid from South Africa, Big Hunk from Canada and Obi One from the US who I had camped with last night came past. They were closely followed by Ali, Terry and their small but tough dog. They are section hiking Oregon.

We all met up further down the trail due to the trail magic provided by Shades and Bacon and Eggs. Shades I had met about 1800 miles ago when he provided mandarins and cold drinks when we were coming off San Jacinto into Whitwater. Bacon and Eggs lived up to his name cooking some delicious bacon and egg rolls over an open fire and washed down with your choice of a beer or soda.

It was then onward to Olallie Lake where the little store sold treats, beer and soda which went down a treat given it was 85°F. It was really tempting to set up the tent and go for a swim in the lake and enjoy a beer. But I have set myself the challenge of making it to Timberline for  the legendary breakfast on Sunday morning at 7.30 am. It will mean a big day tomorrow and since it is 11.30pm,  2 and a half hours after hiker midnight, I am going to sign off.
I will add that I got a message from Corky. She had a good flight home and it makes me happy that all is well.


Arrived in Sydney at 8.30 am to a glorious sunny day.  

Such mixed emotions, I was happy and sad to be home. I am staying with my mother-in-law, Hammers mum. She is away for a few weeks and will be back soon.  

I stood in the driveway to the house still in disbelief that I was actually back. I closed my eyes and felt the warmth of the sun on my face and smelt the salty air – yes I was home.