PCT DAY 122: Mile 2057.3 – Mile 2089

Saturday August 13, 2016: 31.7 Miles  (50.7km)


Although I set up the tent in a bit of a clearing, I slept so soundly that I did not see any of the meteor action last night. I awoke early knowing Timberline is 37 miles away and I needed to cover  30+ miles today if I’m to make Sunday breakfast. With this in mind I was packed and ready to go at 6am.

I filtered water at the first creek which is always more time consuming than I would like. It was then into the green tunnel which is a feature of some of the forests in the US. Unlike other days where the mountains dominated, today much of the day was spent in forest followed by more forest. This was not unpleasant as it was shaded and with the temperature being in the mid-eighties it gave relief from the sun. The afternoon stayed in the forest but meandered around a series of lakes which were quite busy being a Saturday. At one point I was thinking to myself…. more forest and views of a valley below. When I looked up and there in all its glory was Mount Hood looking stunning and quite close.

Just before lunch, I came across 2 ladies on horses. They were trying to decide which trail to take. We got chatting about the PCT and they said there is a good horse movie called ‘Unbroken’ which I would like to see. They asked me if I was afraid of the wild animals, if I was travelling alone etc. which led to a discussion of Corky’s injury.
I found a spring which popped out from under a tree with deliciously cold water. Lori and Terri came past on their horses and we continued the discussion. Another hiker iPod came through and so Lori and Terri got going.

Today is my biggest distance day having done 32 miles and my feet feel like they have taken a pounding. I have about 5.5 miles to go to breakfast in the morning.
I spent all day hiking alone which made me miss Corky. It also made me think about how different we are. Corky is so methodical and organised. She thinks of everything in advance and wants to have a plan of action for all possible outcomes. She would have every run she has ever done logged. I on the other hand have few records at all. Before we set off on the hike Corky wanted to sort out what would happen if one of us could not continue the hike. I was reluctant to engage in the discussion as I thought we would deal with it if the need arose. The outcome was that the discussion was had under very emotional circumstances.

Today I passed another milestone – I have less than 600 miles to go.

A quite day getting over jet-lag and enjoying something that this Aussie missed the most while away from home –   a Lemington with a cup of coffee. Uhmmmm delicious….