PCT DAY 118: Rest Day # 16

Tuesday August 9, 2016: Zero Miles 


Today is not so much a dispatch from the trail as much as a rest day off the trail. I was passing not far from where Corky was staying and we planned to spend the day together. A chance for Corky to have a followup appointment with the orthopaedic specialist. We planed to go to Bend a little bit earlier then the doctors appointment and have lunch. Corky is still not able to get about any  distance without the  crutches  so there was little opportunity to see any significant parts of Bend.  

We had lunch at the sensational Little Sparrow Bakery. It was like a little slice of our Sydney life. A smaller version of the Burke Street Bakery. I had pulled pork on a brioche bun and Corky had a perfecy crispy, toasted bagel with smoked salmon and creme freche. Not a hamburger in sight. While waiting for our lunch we started a conversation with a neighbouring table. It was Radish and friend who hiked the PCT in 2015. She welcomed us to Bend and said everybody here hikes. We were really liking this town.  After lunch we headed off for the doctors appointment and Corky will write about that. 

On our way back to the house after visiting Bend, we stopped in  Sisters  to do some grocery shopping. Here we were surprised to meet Bernard, a French hiker we have not seen since Kennedy Meadows.  He is an aircraft engineer from Toulouse and was staying in Sisters for a rest day.  I may see him along the trail when I get back. It was good for Corky to have a brief distraction from bouts of uncontrollable tears. 

Recovering from the PCT hiker town staple with a pulled pork brioche.

Nothing to do with the PCT.

Nice to bump into Bernard in Sisters. He is now known as ‘Delta’.


Luckily we had a relaxed and delicious lunch as the doctors appointment which followed did not produce good news. I had another X-ray. The fracture is not healing as the medial ligament (on the inside of my foot) has been stretched and damaged leaving the ankle unsupported. The first specialist we saw in Medford told told me that this was the biggest unknow and the biggest risk. Anyhow the recommendation is to have surgery  to fix the bone with a plate. A fairly straightforward procedure apparently  We discussed options and costs and it would appear that for me the best option is to go home and have the surgery in Sydney. 

When we got back to the house I spoke to my orthopeadic specialist in Sydney and sent him the scans. He agreed that surgery is the only option if I want to continue to run  and hike without developing arthritis in a very short-time frame. Anyhow at least I can understand why I am still in pain. I contacted my travel insurance and got an emergency treatment plan underway. Booked a flight back home tomorrow and an appointment with the specialist, with surgery penciled in on Thursday next week. Hammer will stay and continue to hike the PCT all the way to Canada. I hope to be back in Vancouver to see him finish in the second half of September. 

I must do whatever it takes to get this fixed so we can get on with it.