PCT DAY 117: Mile 1986- Mile 1998

Monday August 8, 2016: 12 Miles  (18km)

I awoke to a brilliant red sunrise and packed quickly, eager to get going. 

Section B was ready way before me. She had only 6 miles to get to the Youth Camp and I had 12 miles to get to Santiam Pass on Highway 20. Jim, with whom Corky and I hiked in the desert, had offered to come and pick me up. When we last saw Jim in Salem he was going back to finish the Sierra section of the PCT. So I was keen to  catch up with him and hear of his progress. 

The early part of this morning was a slow battle through the laval rocks.  I had concerns that I would struggle to make it to Highway 20 by the appointed time. When I got phone reception, Jim was already there and said he would keep busy by shuttling hikers into Sisters, the nearby town.

It was sad to say farewell to Section B as we made an awesome hiking team. Some people you connect with and I look forward to catching up with her and her husband Tim when we get to Vancouver.

It was onwards to the highway and I made good time to get there just after 10.30. It was great to see Jim and hear his news of the snow-free hiking in the Sierras.  It was then onto Black Butte to meet up with Corky. 

Corky, Jim and I then went for lunch at the Open Door Cafe in Sisters. What a great place and such a refreshing change in menu. Wonderful to sit in the sun and enjoying food and conversation. Lun h was followed by a bit of grocery shopping. Jim drove us back to the house where we farewell him.

Corky has an appointment with an orthopedic specialist in Bend tomorrow for a followup X-ray. So we will see what tomorrow brings.


Finally Hammer is a bit over halfway through Oregon and will be stopping for a zero miles day. I have another doctors  appointment tomorrow to  check on the fracture progress.   I hope news is good.

Meanwhile the morning shadows are lengthening.  It feels like summer is slowly slipping away.