PCT DAY 66:  Rest Day # 7

Saturday June 18, 2016: Zero miles


A few friends have asked for a more regular voice on this blog for Hammer. So on our rest day in South Lake Tahoe he pened a few words.

We are now at mile 1091.5 in South Lake Tahoe after a trying time through the Sierra mountains and then through Yosemite National Park to get here. There has been a lot of snow and some days we have spent 80 percent of our time on snow which has made navigation  challenging. As the trail meanders in unexpected directions at times which is difficult to tell when it’s under 30 ft of snow. We have been blessed with good weather for the most part. We have only had a couple of snow storms and yesterday was the first day I had long pants on. 


Corky and I are holding up well both physically and mentally and looking forward to the challenges ahead.

We have both lost quiet a bit of weigh probably between 8 and 10 kg. In town’s we are eating voraciously to try to stem the loss as  you tend to feel the cold a lot more without the body fat. Not that it may be a problem soon as the summers in Northern California are notorious for being hot.


The scenery has been spectacular and the trail tends to constantly surprise, delight and challenge us every day.

The people we are  meeting have also been  fantastic and in some sense the universe keeps looking after us. For instance we had just come off Senora Pass which had been  quiet difficult. We were on our way to have lunch. When we passed the trail marker there were 2 beers sitting there in the snow which made a welcome addition to the lunch. 

Thinking I would have to carry the empty bottles for  the next 5 days. A lady out for a day walk with her dog asked if we needed any food or if there was anything she could do for us. She not only took the bottles but also our empty stove fuel canister and our other rubbish. We felt quiet blessed.

The whole trail has kind of gone that way. When hitching into town’s we  have been  getting rides quickly and with really interesting people.

We are travelling with an international crew as after the 700 mile desert section  many of the Americans either went home for a break or flipped north to give the snow more time to melt. I am pleased that we went straight through as the creeks and rivers will become more difficult as the snow melt progresses. The Sierra mountains were amazingly beautiful with the snow and the mosquitoes will become more prevalent as it warms up.

Life is just grand.