Seattle in Spring

April 24-26,2015
Seattle, home of good coffee, Boeing jets and my favourite outdoor store in world. And it was to the outdoor store I went fist soon after I arrived in Seattle late on Friday.  After a few hours inside REI, I was back on the street and in a side street glance  I could see the Space Needle and a stunning sunset. I was so excited to get a photograph of the brilliant sky with the Seattle landmark, I almost ran up the street towards it only to realise that there were too many buildings in the way to get the shot I had in mind .  Anyhow it was very pretty.

The next day I walked along  waterfront and then up Queen Anne Street and then onto Fremont Street.  After nine hours walking I was pooped. I am staying in Chinatown, near the new Stadium. Lots of eating options in the neighborhood. I had a lovely dinner at a Korean restaurant. I think my appetite is finally returning with the easing of the flu.

Last day in Seattle I visited Moore cafe on 2nd Ave. Great coffee and cute cafe.  As it was early in the morning I ventured to Pikes Markets. I don’t generally like it around the markets, small isles, cramped and full of people. I did not got inside but stayed out visiting the first Starbucks in the chain and a Piroshki place that had a line going out the door. Although I wasn’t hungry I got a smoked salmon piroshki  to try. Delicious to eat but boy did it repeat.  Views of the snow capped Mt Rainier to the south and the Cascade range to the north were visible in the distance. Walked back onto  2nd ave, full of great boutiques and funky wine bars. I walked on towards Fremont markets which were quite nice. And then onto Red Mill to have the best hamburger ever (according to the advertising). Turned out to be a tad disappointing as it was really a grown up version of a Big Mac. Even the sauce was similar. Not a patch on Chur burger in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

Finished the day walking back along the seafront where a protest was underway to stop oil drilling in the Arctic. Police presence was huge. The crowd did not look that rowdy.  Had plans to get the ferry out to Bremerton but I am really pooped again. Can’t face another hill. I probably walked 30k today.  Very lucky with the weather. The rain, which Seattle is also famous for, stayed away. While overcast on both mornings the afternoons were wonderful and sunny. The air is still cold. I don’t think it has been above about 11 degrees.

My flu is so much better. My voice has returned and apart from a persistent scratch throat, I am almost back to normal.