Glacier NP to Seattle

Monday July 7, 2014 
Had plans to do a walk on the western side of the park to Huckleberry Mountain before we headed towards Seattle.   The walk is on the quite side of the park with few passing cars. We  arrived at the car-park and were soon greeted by a swarm of mozzies. We headed off hoping there would be less once we were in the forest. It was not be. We turned back and escaped. The drive towards Seattle was pretty in parts. Across Idaho was only 100  miles of pretty uneventful freeway. Once we were in Washington State we seem to drive for hours through flat farmland. About 140 miles out from Seattle a distant mountain range came into view. We could see Mt Rainier and possibly the mountain range that forms the Cascades NP. By late afternoon it was sizzling hot and we stopped for the night about 100  miles short of Seattle.