From the Desert to the Sea

Long Beach Sept 18-21, 2010
All thing must come to an end and so it is with our grand vacation. We took two days to cover over 500 miles from the Grand Canyon to Los Angeles, stopping at lovely ranch town of Wickenberg in Arizona and Ontario in California before arriving at Long Beach for our final stop. In such a relatively short distance we passed through a diverse and constantly changing landscape from the red sandstone mountains of Sedona to the desert around Palm Springs and finally the ocean mist of the beachside off Highway 1 to Long Beach.

I loved the sight of the enormous wind farms in the desert west of Palm Springs – strangely beautiful.

While Hammer was relieved to conquer the zooming traffic on the free-ways, especially challenging while heading toward the setting sun.

And it is fitting that we should be leaving now, as American summer time officially ends today.