San Francisco

San Francisco August 28,2010

After a day shopping in Seattle it was time to head south, for Stage III of our Grand Vacation. We were so looking forward to heading to warmer weather. But it turns out that San Fransico was experiencing heavy mist and a cold snap on the day we were due to arrive. The mist in addition to local fires had resulted in the airport being closed leaving us in Seattle for most of the morning. So it great to finally leave Seattle airport but a tad disappointing to arrive in San Francisco and find it was cold and windy with a low hanging mist covering most of the bay. Just like the last time we were here, except that was in April. We were surpised to see people picnicking in the park rugged up in down jackets – and this was summer! We walked around parts of town we had not visited before including the interesting Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill, had excellent coffee in an old Italian cafe on Filimore Street. We walked the marine promenade and were sandblasted by the wind as we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge.