July 7, 2010
The ferry between Juneau and Skagway passes though some more stunning scenery. Just when you think it can’t get better – it does. Steep, snow covered mountains shrouded in mist lined the western side of our passage north. We arrived in Skagway at 10pm on Tuesday night – it seems strange it was still light outside and the last of the cruise-ships was pulling out. Temperature was positively balmy compared to what we have had so far. First impression when walking off the ferry was that we had entered a deserted western movie set, recreated down to the timber side-walk. That impression was reinforced the next morning when the cruise-ships began arriving and thousands of people flooded the streets like an ‘olde worlde’ goldrush theme park. Hammer ran out to Lake Dewey and Sturgills Landing trail early in the morning, while I drank coffee;-) The town is built in a gob smacking beautiful river valley surrounded by snow covered mountains.It must be gorgeous in winter when the street are covered with snow rather then people. Got sunburnt walking around town – fingers crossed the good weather last out on the Chilkoot Trail.