July 5-6, 2010
Arrived in Juneau in the predawn light at 3am and before too long it was daylight. The ferry terminal is nearly 20km out of town, displaced from proximity to anything by the cruiseships. We walked the 8km to the hotel, then got the bus down town Juneau and walked around the deserted town. It was still early in the morning even though it felt like mid-day. Cruise ships were circling the harbour ready to dock so we headed up the trail to the peak of Mt Roberts which towers over Juneau. Dizzying steep climb with slippery muddy path and a cold constant drizzle seem to have set in for the day. We only made it half way to 2000 feet where the sub-alpine vegetation started. Back down-town the streets were filled with people off the cruise-ships. We go the local bus out of town towards Mendenhall Glacier and walked the 3km from the bust stop to get to the lake below the glacier. A little bit sad to see a retreating glacier (to me it felt like it was dying) while bus after bus delivered tourists to view the glacier and helicopters constantly circled overhead.