June 28 -30, 2010

The only thing I knew about Seattle before we came was it rains – a lot. So I guess we were lucky – 3 days of glorious sunshine with only one fat drop of rain falling on my face. Seattle and Sydney have a lot in common. Many of the high rise commercial buildings look like they have shared the same architect. All except for the – love it or hate it – Frank Gheary designed Experience Music Project building. Although I did read that Frank Gheary is designing the new UTS building in Sydney! And like Sydney Seattle can’t decide on what from of mass public transport system to adopt so it has alittle bit of everything and very little connection between them or connections that make sense – buses plus electric buses, ferries, trams, light rail, a monorail and heavy rail. And like Sydney they are about to start constructing bicycle only lanes on certain city routes. But unlike Sydney, Seattle is a compact city to get about on foot. The Pioneer Square area is an engineers dream with an interesting history.