Snow Capped Mountains to Carrion de los Condes

Camino: Day 12 – Sunday April 19, 2009
Itero de la Vega to Carrion de los Condes (Walk – 34 km)

I disliked Itero de la Vega so much I went to bed without dinner and could not wait to be on my way in the morning at the crack of dawn, without breakfast. Glorious cold morning with little wind.

I felt like the town has taken something away from me and it took me the next 8 km of walking to realise what it was. I got to Boadilla del Camino and was hoping to get a coffee here . As it was the cafe was not open and I had gone past the alburgue. I was in such a huff I almost walked on but decided to go back to the alburgue for coffee. And what a surprise. The owners were fantastic, the coffee cup was huge and the coffee was good and the biggest surprise was to find that Katerina was staying here.

She made it though the mud and was safely on her way back to San Sabastian. What a difference a little bit of care and kindness makes to ones spirit and that was what was missing from the town I stayed in. This short stop gave me such a boost, the next few hours of walking flew by. The trail passes through beautiful countryside with wheat fields as far as you can see.

A few kilometres out of my destination town of Carrion de los Condes a huge snow capped mountain range appeared on the horizon to the north. Stunning way to finish the walk for the day.

Staying at the Monastery Santa Clara in a freezing cell like room with eight others. A Canadian lady Anne has adopted me for dinner – so very kind, I was starving.