Coffee in Castrojirez

Camino: Day 11- Saturday April 18, 2009
Hornillos del Camino – Itero de la Vega (Walk – 32 km)
Corky Fakt 7: The sun is the giver of life.
A great day of walking, with the trail passing through countryside that I had imagined the Camino to be. Walking through relatively flat farmland with mountains in the distance dotted with wind turbines.

I knew I had not left the wind behind but today in the morning the wind was cold but light and the sun kept breaking through. Stopped for coffee in a beautiful hilltop town of Castrojirez which sort of winds its way around a mountain with ruins of a monastery on the hilltop. Soaking the sun, having a coffee was pretty damn nice.

I felt so strong after the coffe break and recharged from sitting in the sun, I could have walked on forever. On the only climb of the day to the summit of Mostalares (900m) the rain came and then it was walking through mud for the next 2 hours to get to Itero de la Vega, where the sun came out again. So nice to walk in the countryside with little traffic, especially when the sun is out. It really gives me such a boost. Sharing a room in a strange alburgue with three older French folk who seem to chatter continuously without pausing for breath. They reminded me of two hens and a rooster clucking together. Missing my companions from yesterday already and wandered how Katerina made it through the mud in her city shoes.