Contemplation on a Roman road to Sahagun

Camino: Day 13 – Monday April 20, 2009
Carrion de los Condes to Sahagun (Walk – 38 km)

Took me three goes to get out of Carrion de los Condes this morning.

Some on the Camino might interpret this to mean that I did not want to leave this town. But for me that is so not true. Carrion is a town of quite a few very large old Monastery type buildings some of which have been converted to hotels or alburgues and a large number being used as nursing homes. The other buildings look like British housing projects – the 2 story walk-ups. Not very nice at all. I did finally make it to the trail with the help of a tooting truck driver pointing me in the right direction.

The morning was glorious with a pale blue pink sky and frost on the ground. There was approximately 17 km of walking largely on the remnants of an ancient Roman road which linked Astorga in Spain to Bordeux in France. I walked on my own on this stretch and found the walking quite effortless.

It was dead flat though wheat fields with snow capped mountains to the north. I loved it.

The next 6km I walked with a young Korean university student, June, who spoke Spanish. I am constantly amazed by the skills and the diversity of people on this trail. We spoke about many things and our conversation prompted a lot of contemplation after we parted in Ledigos. Walked on for the next 16 km on my own along a long stretch that parallels a minor road.

I think 3 cars went by all afternoon and I did not see another walker till I reached my destination town. In Sahagun I stayed in a converted church. Unfortunately very little that resembles a church is left, most of the windows have been concreted. Had a pilgrims meal at a local restaurant – bacon and eggs for dinner. Yum.