More Mindnumbing Meseta

Camino:  Day 14 -Tuesday April 21, 2009
Sahagun – Religioso (Walk – 31 km)

Fantastic weather with a cool breeze and sun all day long as I walked a mind numbing 31 km along a minor road, being passed by cyclists and a few cars all day. I left Sahagun just as it got light leaving through the town gates.

After that it was dead flat, dead straight walking through wheat fields. The sky was clear but a low hanging smog prevented a clear view of the snow capped mountains to the north.

I found the walking hard all day today and could not wait to get to Religioso. It is a small town with one bar and one Alburgue.

A truck with provisions calls into town to sell supplies to the locals. Had dinner with Josephine, a Dutch lady studying pottery and ceramics.