CDT Day 56: Mile 2589.5 – 2614.5 (25 miles – 40 km)

Tuesday June 11, 2019

Hammer was right, it will all get better. And today it absolutely did.

The sound of birdsong and a woodpecker drilling a tree were our wake up alarm this morning. Being such a warm and pleasant night we both slept really well. It wiped away the hardship of yesterday.

Today was predicted to be an overcast day, but without any rain. It was a pleasant surprise to see blue sky as we set off from camp. And almost as soon as we left our campsite and climbed a short distance we had distant views of snow capped mountains. From here the day just kept getting better and better.

Healthier forest, soft pine needles underfoot, blue sky, birds singing, distant views of snowy mountains, what’s not to like, I was completely reset. And when the wildflowers started to appear my heart was overflowing. All day we rolled up and over grassy meadows interspersed between healthy pine forest.

Hiking felt so easy today with so much to occupy our attention. I guess the only setback that slowed us down a bit was the numerous blowdowns we had to negotiate. Otherwise an absolutely perfect day on trail. We both remarked how today was the first section on this trail that reminded us of sections of the PCT around Northern California.

My happy bird – singing its happy tune accompanied us most of the day. And even now as the sun is about to set it is singing somewhere nearby. One day I may even see what it looks like.