The End – Tasmania Take 2 Tour

Tasmania Take 2 Tour: Days 32-33

Monday February 4, – Tuesday February 5, 2019

As our much modified Tassie Take 2 Tour draws to a close we are already getting excited for our next adventure to start taking shape.

We had the easiest and quickest boarding of the Spirit of Tasmania ferry this morning.

Devonport was enveloped by smoke from distant bushfires. So with a strong south wind behind us we left Devonport, half an hour ahead of schedule. As soon as the ferry left the port there was a kind of sadness about leaving, with so much we wanted to do still undone. Todays fire map shows that even more parts of the state are on fire.

We were trailed out of Tasmania by a thick plume of smoke that smelt so strong that at one stage I thought there was timber burning onboard the ship. It stayed with us till we were almost halfway across Bass Strait.

It was another smooth trip across and we were soon disembarking on the mainland in Melbourne.

We spent a night in St Kilda and the next day had the most tortuous return to reality that is peak-hour traffic gridlock.

It took us hours in morning traffic to get out of Melbourne and make it to the Hume Highway for the most direct route back home. We had some early thoughts of a couple of detours but in the end the lure of getting back home was too strong. We made it back just as it got dark.

It was nice to be home to greet the sunrise the next day.